Fiber Splice Closure 5 Ports 96 Cable Capacity

Fiber Splice Closure 5 Ports 96 Cable Capacity

GJS - PMDH1001- F type cable connector box of cap type series of a. In the optical fiber transmission process

Product Details

Outer Internal structure Fuse fiber disc

Type sealing ringPlastic hoopbase

1. Product introduction

GJS - PMDH1001- F type cable connector box of cap type series of a. In the optical fiber transmission process, the products are through connection and differences in the function, and the male mention cable joint connection protection; Suitable for all kinds of different diameter of cable through and differences in; Can be used in overhead, hold pole, wall and buried installation; Product good seal performance, installation simple operation, wide range, it is the best choice of the optical fiber connection.

2. Product description

IP protection level can reach IP68;

Can be installed 1 x "PLC shunt and 2 x for PLC shunt;

With four small round into the cable hole and a large oval into line hole;

Joint box shell by vulcanized rubber for seal;

Cable in and out of holes are hot shrinkage seal

3. Characteristics

• can be convenient to increase or decrease the size according to the capacity of the melt flange quantity

• three Settings prevent cable is external pulled off

• molten flange space is big, easy to maintain and storage of optical fiber Can, in ℃ to + 65 ℃ temperature range to use Easy to repeat, open, no tools are required, waterproof, prevent gas leakage, flame retardant

• set vertical and horizontal design characteristics

• SGS ROHS testing the authentication

• suitable for aerial, buried, pipe use

4. Product parameters



In/out ports

Max. cable diameter(mm)

Max. capacity per tray

Disc number

Max capacity(bunchy fiber)

Seal method




4 of Φ16




Heat-shrink seal

5. Main components


Name of components





FOSC Cover

1 piece

Comprehensive protection joint



Fuse fiber disc

According to the request

Fixed, save fiber and protect optical fiber hot melt pipe




1 unit

Fixed inside and outside structure



Plastic hoop

1 set

Fixed base and shell



Type O sealing ring

1 set

Used to seal base and shell seal

Optional accessories: valve,earthing device,optical splitter,adapter,pigtail,wire jumper

Accessories:specification,Cable protection heat shrinkable tube,fiber heat shrinkable,Buffer tube,earthing wire,nylon tie,sand paper,Differences card,labeling paper,desiccant,Tin foil,insulating tape

Optfocus Technology now brings you the best quality fiber splice closure 5 ports 96 cable capacity from its professional factory. Well-known as one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of various fiber optical products in China, we can assure you of its good quality and excellent performance.



Each product is packed in a high quality PE bag, Then put into a box or carton and secured by 2 inserts.

Last put each box into pallets and properly wrapped for sea or air voyage.

Payment and Shipment


Standard payment terms: T/T 30% DEPOSIT,70% BANLANCE before shipping.

Online trade assurance order,all is up to you.

More payment terms could be provided(PAYPAL,WESTERN UNION,MONEYGRAM).


Delivery time:Generally it is 1-2 days if the goods are in stock,or it is 2-4 days if the goods are not in stock,it is according to quantity.



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