Application of Rack-mounted External Fiber Amplifier

- Jul 26, 2019-

As an indispensable key technology and component in modern optical fiber communication system, EDFA, Raman fiber amplifier, remote pump amplifier, high power CATV amplifier and other products have been widely used. Compared with the plug-in optical amplifier products integrated in the main communication system, the rack-mounted external optical fiber amplifier is favored by many network operators because of its strong compatibility, good portability, flexible configuration and simple installation and maintenance. Huixinte has been committed to technological innovation and development in this field. It has launched a series of products of various specifications and put them into the optical fiber network of many network operators, mainly in the following aspects:

1: Extend the single-span relay-free transmission distance of transmission system: Traditional transmission system transmitter+transmission channel+receiver mode has limited transmission distance due to various constraints such as attenuation, which is difficult to meet the current business development needs of wide coverage and long-span. Through the configuration of rack-type external optical amplifier series products, the transmission distance is limited. Combined with mature technologies such as FEC (forward coding error correction) and DCM (dispersion compensation), the single-span transmission distance of the existing transmission system can be effectively extended. The 2.5G system can reach more than 350km, and the 10G system can reach more than 300km. The compatibility of the whole set of equipment is strong. There is no need to upgrade the existing transmission system, and the existing investment can be effectively protected.

2: Operator's spare disaster-tolerant protection construction: Due to the increasing competitive pressure, the service quality requirements of end users are higher and higher. Operator's requirements for the security and robustness of communication network are further improved. The disaster-tolerant modes of spare communication system, lines and other systems are widely used in the basic bearing network. Pan-application. Rack-mounted external optical amplifier equipment can be effectively deployed in standby communication lines to reduce the difference of equivalent loss performance between standby lines and in-service lines, meet the requirements of optical power of communication systems, realize the redundant backup function of standby communication lines in emergencies, and improve network robustness.

3: Apply in the scene of three networks in one, improve the transmitting power of CATV signal light: CATV mostly uses analog modulation. In order to ensure the carrier-to-noise ratio (CNR) of the user receiving end, it is necessary to improve the transmitting power of CATV signal at the local end. The use of external high power amplifier (HFA) equipment can achieve limited signal power enhancement without any modification of the existing CATV transmitting equipment. The maximum output optical power can reach 37 dBm, and the integrated interface can realize the common network transmission of cable TV signal and PON signal. Effectively assist the network evolution of three networks in one.

With the vigorous development of optical fiber network, external optical amplifier products will inevitably play an increasingly important role in modern optical fiber communication systems. With its own vertical integration platform from chips to subsystems, Huixinte's rack-mounted external products will become the preferred choice for more network operators.

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