Benefits Flow Eruption High-end Optical Module Market In High Growth

- Feb 23, 2017-

Outbreak of the constant advance of fiber optic broadband, mobile Internet traffic, stimulate the sustained and rapid development of optical communication market; enterprises taking advantage of the domestic optical module, and broad market space.

1) Flow eruption, maps in the level of core network infrastructure hosting hardware is a light module, carrier optical transport network, Internet, cloud computing data center market driven demand continued rapid growth in the next five years, 5G even better;

2) optical module package to China trend of optical chip design catching up fast (optical chip-design-components package, vertical integration)

3) barriers to industrial persistent (10G->40G->100G->400G), the King left, high-end optical modules in Enterprise profitability continued to improve.

From the trend of industrial structure changes, the optical module global market is ushering in the "from the low end to the high-end, from the United States and Japan to China" and the Internet traffic outbreak of the historical opportunity. In the future, master high-end optical device technology (especially chip technology), to seize the Chinese market (especially the data center market)

Block manufacturers usher in a huge growth space, the Chinese market grafting global resources, cost-effective Chinese products will become inevitable, the world into the "oligarchy + China time." At the same time, Huawei, ZTE, the flames on behalf of "China-made" has occupied the status of global industry, while the competitive landscape is good, industrial barriers High, will continue to benefit from the outbreak of the flow of digital dividends, but also led the domestic optical module enterprises continue to enhance the global status.


Benefit from the outbreak of traffic, based on the continuous improvement of product structure and data center market rise favorable upstream optical module enterprise industry bargaining power upgrade.


1) China Mobile in 2017 for the first time planning XGPON1 large-scale mining, will be a strong pull optical module company PON business growth;

2) The securities company expects the high-speed optical module business revenue in the data center market to reach 25% in 2106, and will continue to be close to double growth in 2016-2017, which will be an important pillar of the growth performance of the optical module company.

3) 40G optical module chip self-sufficiency rate, 100G optical module chip outsourcing ease, gradually produced in 2017, 2016Q4-2017 palm-rate, net profit margin to enhance the flexibility.


Shenzhen Optfocus Technology Co.,Ltd has 8 years of optical module production experience, the cumulative shipping 10 million.

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