Connector optimises 400G data centre performance

- Oct 18, 2017-

   fibre optic connector.png

OPTFOCUS Advanced Components has introduced a next generation connector specifically designed for Data Centre(DC) 400G optimisation.

To accommodate the "lightspeed" upgrades currently taking place in hyperscale DCs, the reduced size OPTFOCUS Connector is not only capable of delivering low insertion and high return loss comparable to existing LC connectors, but with significantly reduced footprint. These attributes allow the OPTFOCUS Connector to support the use of the more advanced modulation schemes such as PAM4 which is associated with the 100G and 400G speeds. Meantime, working with the newly agreed QSFP-DD and OSFP pluggable from factors, the new OPTFOCUS Connector accentuates ease of fibre breakout. "Optical connectors with low insertion and return loss will be essential components in DCs as signalling speeds increase and the use of higher level modulation such as PAM4 becomes more widespread, "points out OPTFOCUS's Product Development Manager, Kevin Wong, "Also, as many of the DCs are deploying Leaf Spine achitectures, easily management for many of our customers."

For the future, operating from its multiple country locations, OPTFOCUS intends to continue with its strategy of developing products "with" its customers instead of "for" its customers. According to Dr.Hu, OPTFOCUS's Technology Director, development of the OPTFOCUS Connector is not only focused on achieving better connector performance in terms of insertion loss and return loss, but also on improving user friendliness, without compromising reliability. Another priority will be to address smaller footprint connectors that will allow multiple connectors to fit within the constrained physical space of existing MSA mechanical form factors, but also enhance ease of breakout. 

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