Do you know the reason why the wireless router is disconnected?

- Aug 19, 2019-

With the popularization and development of the network, almost every household has installed broadband network. Light cat and wireless router as home network entrance, almost all of them work continuously and continuously for a long time. At this time, stability without failure has become the biggest test.

Off-topic topic: Early installed broadband, light cat basically does not have wireless function, wireless routers must be self-contained (there are also some agents to give users some cheap wireless routers to use). Later, the broadband optical cat installed basically has wireless function, the wireless function is weak, the antenna is mostly built-in, and the wireless frequency band is only 2.4 GHz, so the interference multi-signal is weak.

This is because the optical cat is customized by operators, considering the cost-effective, low performance, and easy to crash when the network traffic and load are heavy. Therefore, it is suggested to turn off the wireless function of optical cat, change the working mode of optical cat to bridge mode, and provide better wireless routers with stronger wireless signals. But as long as electronic products are always likely to fail, wireless routers are no exception. Next, through several fault phenomena, starting from my practical experience, to analyze the possible causes, hoping that in the future you will meet similar problems calmly and quickly find the cause of the fault, solve the problem.

In the first case, when the network traffic is large, there will be disconnection or disconnection. Wireless router WiFi signal is very strong, but open the web page has been buffered, download no traffic. In this case, if the light cat is a routing mode, it may occur when the light cat configuration is low and the traffic is large. The reason is that the light cat performance is insufficient and the system crashes. The solution is to restart the light cat after power failure. To avoid this problem, we should change the optical cat to bridge mode. The optical cat is only responsible for photoelectric conversion. The wireless router is responsible for PPPoE dialing and WiFi wireless functions.

In another case, the failure phenomenon is the same. The network is disconnected. WiFi signal is strong, but the web page is stuck. This situation excludes the light cat reason, the basic conclusion is that the wireless router problem.

This situation occurs on low-cost wireless routers, especially those with low hardware configuration, only 2M or 4M flash memory, 8M or 16M memory, etc. When you open a web page, in fact, there are dozens or even dozens of network connections between the computer and the network. For downloading, especially BT or P2P, the number of connections reaches hundreds or thousands. Each connection occupies some memory, and if the number of connections is too large and the memory is insufficient, the network will be disconnected. The temporary solution is to restart the wireless router, which completely resolves the need to replace the wireless router with larger memory and higher configuration.

In the third case, WiFi happens from time to time. When the network traffic is large, especially in the peak period, it appears more frequently. This kind of failure, I have encountered many times, because the power adapter of wireless router has problems. When the peak time of Internet access, the load of wireless router is heavier, the power requirement of power supply increases, the performance of power adapter becomes weaker, and the power shortage leads to the automatic restart of wireless router.

After finding the above fault phenomenon, I observed the signal lamp and found that when WiFi disappeared, the router restarted. The measurement found that the bad contact resistance of the wire joint was large, and the voltage dropped from 12V to 10V when the current was large. After re-welding, the fault disappeared and the problem was solved. Definitely.

In addition to the above three cases, there has been a situation, 24-hour disconnection generally occurs in the early morning for a short time, and then automatically restore. The reason for this situation is that some local operators set up a 24-hour automatic disconnection, the operator's computer room automatically disconnected in the early morning, and then the router will automatically redial, because it is early morning time, access to the Internet is very little, it is not easy for ordinary people to find.

In addition, when the wireless router sets 2.4G and 5G dual-band, occasionally there will be mobile phone wifi, sometimes not. This situation is handover between 2.4G and 5G. The solution can turn off dual-band integration, or set up weak signal automatic rejection. When 5G wireless signal is weak, the prohibition of access interface is solved.

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