EPON System

- Jul 27, 2019-

What are the advantages of EPON system?

Answer: EPON system is a point-to-multipoint structure, which saves a lot of backbone optical fibers and optical transceivers.

EPON is a passive optical network based on ethernet, and the reliability of passive devices is high.

Compared with other access means, EPON system can provide higher bandwidth and higher bandwidth utilization.

EPON transmission distance specifications are 10KM and 20KM, which overcome the distance limitation of traditional access means.

EPON system has simple network layer and low maintenance cost.

EPON system is flexible in networking, supporting tree, star and bus.

EPON network can be used not only as a broadband access means for operators, but also as a back-propagation network for broadcasting and television, an image transmission system for video surveillance, and even access by the grass-roots units of the government. These are in line with the needs of relevant departments to build a comprehensive information platform for cities.

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