Features of GPON Technology-2

- Jul 16, 2019-

Following this article, we continue today with the features of GPON technology
5. Provide "Three Networks in One" business
GPON can provide a more cost-effective means of transmission, while taking into account the provision of data and cable television services, that is, in addition to traditional voice and data(including IPTV) services, GPON tree broadcasting topology is also very suitable for providing broadcast services. For example, E1 ports provided by GPON devices can be directly used to provide E1 transmission between SCDMA BSC and BSS; Another example is that it can use the 3rd wavelength(1550nm) to access the optical fiber TV signal on the optical line terminal OLT, and transmit the optical network terminal ONT/ONU device along with the optical fiber telecommunications signal without affecting the telecommunications service. This ONT/ONU terminal device can provide Ethernet services(including IPTV) for the resident via the FE port, a single user(FTTH) via the coaxial RF cable TV port, or a building(FTTB), small
District(FTTC, etc.) provides analog cable and cable digital television signals via the cable television distribution network.
6. Save room investment
At the branch of the optical trunk network, because GPON uses a 1:32 passive optical splitter with high stability, small size, and low cost, it does not need to provide power supply, air conditioning, and other computer room equipment, nor does it occupy room space. It is only necessary to install on a photojunction box or a photowiring frame, so it is cheap.
7. Save Fiber Fiber
It is only necessary to output a core fiber from the local computer room optical line terminal OLT, and can branch to 32 optical network terminal ONT/ONU equipment through the optical splitter, and use the WDM wave separation and reuse technology to share the upper and lower business. Core fiber, It greatly saves the number of optical fiber trunk transmission, especially for rural areas, where the original optical fiber resources are limited, the use of GPON technical network can greatly improve the efficiency of optical fiber resources.
8. Perfect protection function
GPON provides protection or redundancy options for optical access networks. Its built-in optical exchange module can achieve double fiber protection or loop protection, and the protection switching time is less than 30 MS, which can completely guarantee the stability and reliability of the service.
9. QoS support for good business
Using a standard GFP encapsulation protocol, fixed transfer frame bytes can be assigned to TDM services. Compared to APON and EPON using E1 simulation, GPON can provide complete QOS guarantees for TDM, VOIP, and IPTV services.
Dynamic bandwidth allocation(DBA) and traffic control function GPON downlink data are transmitted by broadcast method, uplink data use statistical time division multiplexing technology, and each business point dynamically allocates bandwidth through request/license. Can achieve the full utilization of managed bandwidth, flexible allocation, and can set the user's minimum bandwidth guarantee and maximum allowable bandwidth; It can also use traffic parameters to control special requirements, which satisfies the different requirements of different services for bandwidth, and is very suitable for providing operator level services.
10. Powerful and complete network management system
The GPON system has a complete graphical management interface, and all users 'management and business deployment can be implemented in the network management. Change the current different business network, separately management and maintenance situation, reduce the network system design construction and operation maintenance costs. At the same time, the built-in SNMP module can be incorporated into the management of its TDM service.
GPON has comprehensive support, including interoperability between optical line terminals OLT and terminal ONT from different vendors. For ITU-T G. 983 BPON, GPON also undertakes to provide device interoperability through full-service access(FSAN) and ITU recommendations. This will allow various vendors 'optical line terminals OLT and optical network endONU/ONT to be mixed and matched in a network like BPON; It can also realize the supply of low cost and large quantities of PONONU/ONT from CPE(CustomPremier User In-house Equipment) vendors, as in the DS industry, thus further realizing the deployment of low-cost GPON.
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