Structure of FTTX(3)

- Jun 26, 2019-

After the article, Leitong Technology continued to explain the structure of FTTX today, the third.
In the FTTH structure, the fiber optic network ends at the user's home, and ONT connects to the OLT in the central computer room through the fiber optic network. In the FTTB structure, optical fiber is connected to the building or the end of the building, connecting ONT or ONU, and if the ONU is connected, it usually supports multiple users. FTTB users can be residents or commercial users in the building. If multiple users are supported, ONU is connected to each user through a digital wiring unit(MTU or MDU). For resident users, ONU is usually connected to the user terminal via XDSL, and commercial users are usually directly connected to ONU via Ethernet. The main features of several major FTTX structures can be compared in the table.


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