Global Optical Transceiver Market Value Will Soar To 41.1 Billion US Dollars In 2022

- Jan 05, 2017-

According to research firm RnR Market Research recently released survey results show that the global optical transceiver market in 2022 will grow to 41.1 billion US dollars.


With the availability and cost-effectiveness of 100Gbps and 400Gbps devices, the next generation of optical transceiver devices will allow users to reduce power consumption, reduce capital consumption and use smarter technologies.


With the introduction and development of large data centers, the Internet, enterprises to enhance the reality and the Internet of Things are promoting the adoption of optical networks.


The popularity of the global Internet is driving the rapid development of large data centers, as well as the demand for high-speed network transmission.


"Broadband usage across the industry has driven the development of the optical transceiver market," said the R & D team. "Video, Internet adoption and tablet PCs have driven demand for broadband applications, enhance reality, networking, cloud computing, and The trend of using 9.5 billion people in smartphones in 2020 has a huge impact on the market.Large data centers that support online trade, video streaming, social networking and cloud services across industries are expected to use optical transceivers as a basic technology. While software and services are the primary service for the use of optical transceivers in large data centers. "

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