GPON standards and types

- Jul 17, 2019-

In the GPON standard, it is clearly specified that the types of services to be supported include data services(Ethernet services, including IP services and MPEG video streams), PSTN services(POTS, ISDN services), dedicated lines(T1, E1, DS3, E3 and ATM services) and video services(digital video). The multi-service mapping in GPON is transmitted to ATM letters or GEM frames, providing corresponding QoS guarantees for various business types.
Type of GPON
GPON related terminal products are basically similar to EPON and are mainly divided into three types:
1) FTTH/FTTO terminals such as FTTH/FTTO, which are mainly for large customers and commercial users, are generally referred to as SFU/SBU ONU. The ON port is connected to the user ONU directly after entering the overlight device. An ONU is only used by one user. The user data service is uplink through the FE or GE mouth. The security is good and the cost is high. It is generally aimed at high-end users and commercial users.
2) FTTB terminals, such as FTTB, which are mainly concentrated in newly built communities or high-end residential areas, are generally referred to as MDU(LAN) ONU. In general, several to dozens of households share an ONU terminal. User data services can also provide large access bandwidth through the FE port.
3) For concentrated low-end residential areas, factory areas mainly FTTC and other terminals, generally referred to as MDU(DSL) type ONU. In general, dozens to hundreds of households share an ONU terminal. User data services are uplink through cables to provide access rates such as ADSL/ADSL2 +.
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