GPON way

- Jul 17, 2019-

In addition to the ONU direct entry into the home, GPON mainly uses two networking methods, FTTX + LAN and FTTX + DSL. FTTX + LAN uses the FE/GE port provided by ONU to access equipment such as corridor switches or enterprise gateways, and flexibly adjusts the different bandwidth requirements of enterprise agencies for internal and external network access. FTTX + DSL uses the FE/GE port provided by ONU to access the DSLAM device, flexibly using optical fiber resources, and expanding the coverage of traditional access network devices.
The maximum up-and-down rate of GPON is 2.488.32 Gbps, which provides symmetric and asymmetric bandwidth requirements. Supports maximum spectroscopic ratio 1:128, local OLT to hang ONU(ONT) maximum logical distance 60 KM.
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