How do I turn a common switch into a POE switch?

- Nov 21, 2017-

Switches are familiar, generally speaking the switch refers to the common switch, which is the most common kind. A common switch can transmit Exchange data, or multiple computers within a local area network can communicate with each other.

The Poe switch refers to the switch that can be powered, and the difference between the ordinary switch is that it not only transmits data, but also gives power to the equipment it connects with, so the purpose is to dispense with the extra power wiring without having to ask the electrician.

The power supply of POE switch some people think that it is possible to generate electricity, this understanding is wrong, POE Switch power supply refers to the power can be raised on the network cable, the same network cable can transmit data and can transmit power, of course, the POE switch to power.

What I would like to say is that if you want to simply assemble a common switch into a POE switch, it is impossible, unless you know the relevant knowledge of the switch, otherwise it can be implemented in other ways.

1, add a POE supply to the upstream of the common switch

The ordinary switch only transmits the data the function, but the POE Supply electric appliance only then the power supply function, these two unifies is the equivalent one POE switch, may give the other end the equipment power transmission.

2, just get a POE switch.

The above said, simple changes on our own is not possible, you can directly choose a POE switch, the price is not much higher than the ordinary switch. Like OPTFOCUS's 4-port Poe switch is more than 100 pieces, cost-effective, others like 8 ports and 16 ports are used to power network cameras and wireless APs, eliminating the extra power wiring.

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