How does EPON ensure data security?What is a DBA algorithm?

- Jul 27, 2019-

How does EPON ensure data security?

Answer: Since the splitter simply divides the transmitted light into multiple parts on the physical layer, the EPON system is a natural broadcast network, and all ONUs on the physical layer can receive the same data. However, each ONU has its own link identifier LLID, it will choose its own data packet upload, even if the data is monitored at the physical level, EPON system can still provide AES128-bit data encryption upstream and downstream, thus ensuring data security.

What is a DBA algorithm?

Answer: DBA is the abbreviation of dynamic bandwidth allocation. In the past, the minimum and maximum bandwidth were allocated to each user. In this static bandwidth allocation situation, the utilization rate of upstream bandwidth is often very low, and the bandwidth can not be dynamically allocated according to the actual usage of each user. After using DBA algorithm in EPON system, OLT can dynamically allocate bandwidth according to the data transmission reported by each ONU. Each ONU allocates bandwidth, which greatly improves the utilization of upstream bandwidth. There are many DBA algorithms, each of which has different advantages to meet different actual bandwidth utilization requirements. Different DBA algorithms can be loaded on OLT according to the specific situation.

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