How to Connect Optical Fiber Router

- Aug 21, 2019-

How to Connect Optical Fiber Router

With the popularity of optical broadband, many families now use optical broadband. However, many netizens may have such doubts, after replacing the optical fiber broadband, will the installation and connection of the optical fiber network and router be the same as before? In fact, the basic is the same, the following computer Pepsi network small edition attached to the latest optical fiber router connection method diagrams, I believe you can read in seconds.

In fact, the optical fiber broadband is the same as our previous connection. The main devices are optical cat, router and computer. The connection mode is the same as the previous ordinary broadband. That is to say, the external fibre optic cable is inserted into the entrance slot of the optical cat, and then the outlet of the optical cat is connected with the WAN port of the router by the root cable. Finally, a network cable is used to connect the L AN port of the router with the network card interface of the computer, and the installation of the optical fiber router is completed.


For some optical users, there may be no optical cat, if integrated into the indoor, the entry-level optical fiber network cable can be directly connected to the WAN port of the router.

The above is the illustration of the connection method of optical fiber router. The router setting method is the same as the previous way. This is not introduced here.

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