Interface Types of Network Connecting Devices (Part 2)

- Jul 23, 2019-

Interface Types of Network Connecting Devices (Part 2)

RS-232 interface

RS-232-C interface (also known as EIA RS-232-C) is currently the most commonly used serial communication interface. It is a standard for serial communication developed in 1970 by the EIA in conjunction with Bell Systems, modem manufacturers and computer terminal manufacturers. Its full name is "Technical Standard for Serial Binary Data Exchange Interface between Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) and Data Communication Equipment (DCE)". The standard stipulates the use of a 25-foot DB25 connector, regulates the signal content of each pin of the connector, and regulates the level of various signals.

RJ-11 interface

RJ-11 interface is what we usually call telephone line interface. RJ-11 is a generic name for plug-ins developed by Western Electric. Its shape is defined as a 6-pin connector. Originally known as WExW, x here means "activity", contact or needle. For example, WE6W has all six contacts, numbered 1 to 6, WE4W interface only uses four pins, the outermost two contacts (1 and 6) are not used, WE2W only uses the middle two pins (i.e. telephone line interface).

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