Introduction to EPON Technology

- Jul 15, 2019-

EPON, also known as GEPON, was proposed by the EFM(Ethernet in the First Mile, the first mile Ethernet) working group established in November 2000 and standardized in the IEEE 802.3 Ah standard. Its focus is on EPON. On the MAC protocol, That is, to minimize the expansion of the Ethernet MAC protocol; It uses Ethernet as the carrier on the ON layer, and the uplink uses a burst Ethernet packet to send data streams. The core part of EPON is the PON optical transmitter / receiver module. Its implementation scheme is to try to retain the physical layer PON of APON on the basis of a structure similar to that of APON and G. 983, and replace ATM technology with Ethernet technology. Data link layer protocol, A new combination of EPON that can provide greater bandwidth, lower costs, and stronger business capabilities.
EPON can provide an up-and-down symmetric 1.25 Gbps line transmission rate(while a 10Gbps downlink rate system is also under study). Although the Ethernet package used by EPON is very suitable for hosting IP services, the original intention of the IEEE to formulate 802.3 Ah was to access IP data services, and did not consider the special requirements of TDM service access for clock synchronization, delay, and jitter. Therefore, the standard Ethernet packaging adopted by EPON also brings a fatal disadvantage. It is "difficult to carry TDM services such as voice or circuit-type data lines," and it is difficult to meet the QoS requirements at the telecommunications level. Afterwards, although TDM over Ethernet technology has been actively studied at home and abroad, China has also formulated the communication industry standard "Access to Network Technology Requirements-Ethernet Based Passive Optical Network(EPON)". A number of EPON vendors have expanded the IEEE standard and made technological innovations in EPON carrying TDM services and voice services. For example, while providing data services, they use reserved bandwidth to provide voice services. Moreover, a number of EPON vendors have also designed some new MAC mechanisms and added new hardware and software. However, strict QoS that fully meets the requirements of the TDM business is facing considerable difficulties, which has brought certain restrictions to the application of EPON.
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