Leitong Technologies Low Cost High Fiber to Office (FTTO) Solution

- Jun 24, 2019-

1. Overview

With the sustained and rapid development of the Internet, new services emerge in endlessly, which makes people's demand for network access bandwidth continue to increase. Compared with other wired and wireless access technologies, optical access has unparalleled advantages in bandwidth capacity and distance. With the maturity of low-cost optical fiber communication technology, the ideal of optical access network for many operators can be realized. On the one hand, there is a huge potential demand for bandwidth for emerging new services, and on the other hand, it is technically expected to ensure the realization of optical access at acceptable cost for users. Fiber to Office FTTO (Fiber to The Office-FTTO) access technology is the ultimate broadband access solution in the future.

2. Market Characteristics of FTTO

The main target market of FTTO in China is commercial office buildings in large, medium and small cities. Its prominent characteristics are: high density of merchants, a single office building generally has hundreds of merchants, and each merchant's business capacity is not fixed. In the former Internet broadband access network structure of office buildings, due to the limitation of transmission distance less than 100 meters of copper five types of lines, there are a large number of access switches and photoelectric converters, which are placed in wall-mounted cabinets between dusty and poorly heat-dissipating floor wiring, which makes the switches and photoelectric converters vulnerable to failure or even damage, such as dead, overheating and dust. A large number of faults such as accumulation, contamination or oxidation of connectors; secondly, the cost of network maintenance and management is very high due to the excessive number of active nodes; thirdly, due to the relatively simple function of network management of floor access switches, the security and manageability of the network are poor, and the management of users'rights is very difficult. With so many drawbacks in copper wire access, FTTO technology is imperative. At the same time, FTTO technology actively responds to the national call for "Optical Copper Retreat" policy.

3. FTTO Access Technology

In the previous Internet broadband access solutions, VDSL-based twisted pair access has been widely used, but with the maturity of optical fiber communication technology and the rapid development of science and technology, copper access is no longer the best way, there are many disadvantages, mainly:

1) Cost aspect: The market price of optical cable has dropped, its raw material is silicon dioxide in nature, which belongs to renewable resources, and its price will continue to decline over time; on the contrary, the price of copper cable will rise with the increasing consumption; as a result, the price of copper cable is higher than that of optical cable, so we need not worry about the increase of cost when laying the cable. 。

2) Service life: optical cable life can reach 40 years, while copper cable is generally 10 years, optical cable does not need to be replaced and re-laid regularly. From the perspective of development, the cost of one-time optical cable laying is undoubtedly much lower than that of many times copper cable laying.

3) Performance: Because of the strong anti-electromagnetic interference, good confidentiality of communication content and sufficient bandwidth of optical fiber communication, these advantages ensure that FTTO optical fiber network is much more reliable than that of copper cable network.

4) Transmission distance: Fiber optic transmission distance is long. Under the same physical and network functional requirements, FTTO fiber optic network with broadband access must be simpler in structure and easier to manage and maintain than copper wire network. In terms of maintenance and management expenditure in the future, optical fiber network should be generally lower than copper wire network.

5) Benefit analysis: Compared with traditional broadband access technologies such as ADSL and Category 5 lines, the initial investment of FTTO access network construction is indeed slightly higher. But when we analyze the investment benefit, if we take into account the factors such as the 40-year depreciation of optical cable, the lower post-maintenance and management cost of FTTO optical fiber network, and the higher user access rate brought by the higher reliability of FTTO optical fiber network than copper wire network, we will find that optical fiber network has higher investment return than copper wire network.

Therefore, according to the above analysis, our products have entered the era of FTTO.

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