Maximum Transmission Distance and Rate of Transceivers

- Sep 19, 2019-


Due to the different media used, the transmission distance of transceivers varies. Multimode transceivers generally have a transmission distance between 2 km and 5 km, while single-mode transceivers can cover a range of 20 km to 120 km. It should be pointed out that due to the different transmission distance, the transmitting power, receiving sensitivity and using wavelength of the optical transceiver itself will also be different. The receiving sensitivity of 5 km optical transceiver is - 30 dB, using 1310 nm wavelength, while that of 120 km optical transceiver is - 38 dB, using 1550 nm wavelength.  


Transmitter transmission rate

Different transceiver products have different transmission rates due to different conversion interfaces. The transmission rates of typical interfaces are as follows:


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