Network POE Switch Products

- Jul 13, 2019-


Network POE switch is based on a new generation of high-performance hardware and telecommunication-grade Ethernet switch, which can meet the needs of broadband network access in various scenarios. It has the following five characteristics.

(1) Rich product types

In order to meet the needs of WLAN construction, the network has introduced POE switches based on the standard F-engine S2200 ME-PAF series, F-engine S2300-24T-PE, F-engine S3628-PE series of IE802.3af, and can provide two-tier 100,gigabit and three-tier Gigabit bandwidth access, and each port can provide 15.4W or 30W (POE+) power supply.

(2) POE-enabled telecommunication level

All the POE switches in the network series of Ethernet switches are telecommunication-grade Ethernet switches, which support VLAN conversion. They can provide 4000 802.1QVLANs and support PVLAN and QINQ. Powerful ACL functions can realize the filtering control of data packets and effectively protect network security.

(3) Deep Secure Access Characteristics

Network series POE switches can reasonably allocate network bandwidth resources by setting user access rate; support user MAC number restriction and binding; support AAA and 802.1X authentication; support CPU access full functions such as DoS attack prevention, broadcast storm suppression; support two-tier isolation of the network, blocking broadcast messages and virus isolation. The POE switch of the network can guarantee the network security of the network entrance in an all-round way through a variety of security access control.

(4) Powerful power supply and management functions

Network POE switch has powerful intelligent power supply and security threshold protection function: when PSE


When the power supply of the system is insufficient, dynamic management can ensure the priority of important business to run normally; can support the power supply according to the time period, intelligently turn on part of the port power supply function at a specific time, and normal power supply for the rest of the time; when the power is overloaded, PSE stops supplying power to low priority PD devices, and then tries to restore power supply until The output power of PSE can satisfy the power required by PD, and return to normal power supply, thus ensuring the normal operation of system power. The power of each port of POE switch can reach up to 30W, which will generate a lot of heat in the operation of equipment. When the temperature of POE switch rises due to environmental reasons, the system will intelligently speed up the fan speed and regulate the system. Temperature, so that the normal operation of equipment.

(5) Energy saving, emission reduction and environmental protection

All POE switches on the whole network adopt lead-free design, which conforms to RoHS lead-free standard; adopt silent fan, and can realize automatic acceleration control of fan to achieve the purpose of energy saving and noise reduction; adopt large size, multi-fin radiator on the main board, and use differentiated heat dissipation and optimized flow field design, which can comprehensively improve 20% heat dissipation efficiency and achieve savings. Can reduce emissions, green environmental requirements.

Concluding remarks

With the development of 3G in full swing, mobile Internet services have shown explosive development, and data traffic has increased geometrically. At present, major domestic operators are actively engaged in the construction of WLAN. As a leading domestic manufacturer of communication equipment, science and technology has taken the lead in introducing POE switch products and solutions in the construction of WLAN. In response to the call of national energy saving, emission reduction and green environmental protection, network POE switches adopt low noise, low power consumption, RoHS lead-free design, dynamic adjustment of fan speed, automatic closure of idle ports, which minimizes the noise and power consumption of equipment, and provides users with high-quality wireless network experience.

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