Network Structure of OLT

- Sep 24, 2019-

Optical access network is an access network that uses light as transmission medium instead of copper wire to access every home. Optical access network consists of OLT (Optical Line Terminal), ONU (Optical Network Unit) and ODN (Optical Distribution Network, Optical Distribution Network). It is the core component of optical access network. The core component of optical access network. The schematic diagram of the optical access network is as follows:

Networking Diagram of Optical Communication Network

OLT, as the core component of optical access network, is equivalent to switch or router in traditional communication network, and is also a multi-service platform. Usually placed at the local end, it provides a user-oriented optical fiber interface for passive optical network. Its main functions are:

_Uplink the upper layer network to complete the upstream access of PON (Passive Optical Network).

Connect the client device ONU through ODN network (consisting of optical fiber and passive splitter). The functions of control, management and ranging of ONU are realized.

ONU is a user-side device in optical network. It is placed in the user-side and used in conjunction with OLT to realize the second and third layer functions of Ethernet and provide voice, data and multimedia services for users. Its main functions are:


Select to receive data sent by OLT.

Response to the management commands issued by OLT and make corresponding adjustments.

_Cache the user's Ethernet data and send it upstream in the sending window allocated by OLT.

Other user management functions.

In short, OLT is like a commander, commanding all ONU soldiers, providing us with low-cost and high-speed communication services, connecting us more closely together through light, and changing our lives through technology.

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