New Direction Of The Video Conferencing Market

- May 09, 2017-

With the improvement of information technology degree, the popularity of low-carbon ideas as well as cost-saving demand, in recent years the rapid development of video conference, industry hot market. In the process of rapid development of industry, in addition to the traditional means of selling beyond video conferencing market also appeared a new way of selling--leasing business. 


So-called video conferencing rental business is the video conferencing provider into a video conferencing system operators. Main business model was, by video conference system provider for system of building work, to transform itself into a video conferencing system operators, enterprise users can simply rent video conferencing platform, you can enjoy video communication applications. The service is aimed primarily at small and medium enterprises.


Reasons for leasing business rapidly

-SMEs with limited funds the strong demand for video conferencing

With the accelerating pace of business and the economic globalization, small and medium enterprises is also increasing demand for video conferencing. In recent years, the rapid development of video conferencing software with relatively low prices, but for small and medium enterprises with limited size is still an expensive fee. Moreover, for most small and medium enterprises, due to the lack of resources, staff, meeting frequency of use was not high. For them, the investment is not only a great set of video conferencing systems and expenses, but will also cause idle resources, against the concept of cost savings. At present, the leasing fee model can achieve a variety of combinations of charges, such as monthly, or even pay per view. Organizations are paying low rent or pay fees each time you use and enjoy professional video conferencing services. This not only solves the demands of enterprises need video conferencing and to maximize capital utilization, and cost savings. Therefore, the leasing business soon was welcomed by a great number of SMEs, business can be carried out promptly.


-Faced with huge market pressures, manufacturers to open up new ways of the market

Hot video conferencing industry, increased competition between the various manufacturers. Meanwhile, the major operators to expand their scope of business, consolidating their position, have hands on video conferencing industry. Compared with vendors, operators have their own network, so has an advantage for Internet-based video conferencing system, the video conferencing software producers, forming a huge pressure. In order to survive, manufacturers had to develop new market segments. Rental business real is transformed into mere providers of video conferencing system operators, forming operations and production patterns, enterprise patterns shift from product-driven to technology-led, increase market competitiveness.


-Video meeting market demand

At present, the domestic video conferencing market is still in the "infancy", the growth of space is huge, but the development is not mature. In the face of increasing customer requirements, the video conference market segmentation requirements are increasing. At present, corporate video conferencing is often based on the entire enterprise internal application, the other external contact has not been achieved, the so-called "enterprise information island." Which greatly reduces the effectiveness of business communication, and the use of leasing business can overcome this shortcoming, to achieve full communication of enterprises.


The future of the leasing business is huge

According to CCW research data showed that Chinese SMEs accounted for 99.3% of the total national enterprises, about 3.2 million or so. From the data analysis, it can be said the SME market is an important market video conference system, how to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises, become the main problems faced by video conference system provider. Specifically for small businesses and the introduction of leasing business is a problem-solving and effective answer. Meanwhile, also show that leasing a large market potential. In fact, not only for small and medium enterprises, for video conferencing use infrequent large rental business is also a good choice. 


It is understood that the current domestic production more than video conferencing vendors have launched to rent business, some even development of the leasing business has been this year, plays, such as Granville-speed technology this year will comprehensively promote leasing business. Public companies, joined the Herald rental boom is coming. As the hosting services platform manufacturers slowly increased, hiring mode for video conferencing in the corporate market the traditional sales model will have a certain impact. Industry experts believe that some third-tier vendors will exit the video conferencing market under the oppression of the leasing business. Smooth development of rental business will be able to rewrite the pattern of domestic market of video conference system. Along with the development of the leasing business, video conferencing hardware systems manufacturers are likely to develop video conference systems, providing high-end services for rental users.

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