Number of Modular Slots in Switches

- Aug 14, 2019-

The number of modular slots is for modular switches. This parameter has no practical significance for fixed-port switches. The number of modular slots refers to the maximum number of modules that modular switches can install. In modular switches, different number of slots are reserved for users to expand various interfaces. The more slots are reserved, the more room for users to expand. Generally speaking, the number of slots in switches with this structure can not be less than 2.


Modular switches are equipped with a number of free slots. Users can choose any number of modules, different rates and different interface types to meet the ever-changing network needs. But with greater flexibility and scalability. The number of ports of modular switches like this depends on the number of modules and slots. Generally speaking, enterprise switches should consider their scalability, compatibility and fault-tolerance. Therefore, modular switches should be selected to obtain more ports.

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