On-line deployment of OLT slicing technology

- Sep 26, 2019-

_When OLT slices are deployed in practice, operators need to adopt the same maintenance management as OLT slices, and dock with OSS system to achieve slice business issuance, alarm processing and fault dispatch processing. These are the key and difficult points of current network application, which need to be considered as a whole in light of the current network situation and simplify the impact on the original process as much as possible. The specific suggestions are as follows.

- Choose the appropriate slice OLT management IP mode

Slice OLT mostly supports multi-IP or single-IP management. Multi-IP mode manages different IP addresses for different slices, and EMS manages slice OLT through their respective IP addresses. It is suggested to adopt multi-IP management and add and maintain slice IP addresses in resource management system to minimize the impact on OSS process.

Advance planning and pre-deployment of_-slice OLT resources

_Combining with business development mode, select appropriate slice granularity, plan the physical and logical resources of the slice, and synchronize the physical resources of the slice to OSS resource management system. If the existing network needs end-to-end management slicing, the northward direction instruction of slicing management specification should be formulated.

- Select the appropriate alarm driver and performance acquisition mode

_Physical OLT can see the alarm of all slices and operate the alarm, while slices can only see the alarm within their jurisdiction and operate the alarm. Physical OLT and slice OLT can dock with OSS system northward, and report the alarm to realize automatic operation and maintenance. In practical application, it is necessary to select the appropriate alarm-driven fault dispatch form in combination with business development mode.

_Physical OLT and slice OLT can collect performance based on physical port or VLAN. Considering the complexity of data acquisition and analysis, it is suggested that performance acquisition, statistics and analysis should be based on physical ports, and resource link information should be consistent with the previous ones.

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