Overview of SDH Optical Terminals

- Jul 12, 2019-

SDH optical terminal has a large capacity, usually 4E1 to 252E1. SDH is an integrated information transmission network that integrates multiplexing, line transmission and switching functions and operates by a unified network management system. It is a synchronous optical network (SONET) proposed by Bell Communications Technology Research Institute in the United States. In 1988, the International Telegraph and Telephone Advisory Committee (CCITT) (now ITU-T) accepted the concept of SONET and renamed SDH, making it a general technical system applicable not only to optical fibers but also to microwave and satellite transmission. It can realize many functions, such as effective network management, real-time business monitoring, dynamic network maintenance, interworking between different manufacturers and equipment, etc. It can greatly improve the utilization rate of network resources, reduce the cost of management and maintenance, and realize flexible, reliable and efficient network operation and maintenance. Therefore, it is the transmission technology side in the field of information in the world today. Hot spots of development and application.

Application of SDH Optical Terminal Technology

The birth of SDH has its inevitability. With the development of communication, the information required to be transmitted is not only voice, but also text, data, image and video. In addition to the development of digital communication and computer technology, in the 1970s and 1980s, many network technologies such as T1 (DS1)/E1 carrier system (1.544/2.048Mbps), X.25 frame relay, ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) and FDDI (Optical Fiber Distributed Data Interface) appeared one after another.

Overview and Application of SDH Optical Terminal Machine

With the advent of the information society, people hope that modern information transmission network can provide various circuits and services quickly, economically and effectively. Because of the monotony of its business, the complexity of expansion and the limitation of its bandwidth, it is no longer helpful to modify or improve the network only in the original framework. SDH developed under this background. Among all kinds of broadband optical access network technologies, SDH technology is the most widely used access network system.

The birth of SDH solves the problem of "bottleneck" of access between users and core network, and improves the utilization rate of a large amount of bandwidth in transmission network. SDH technology has been a mature and standard technology since it was introduced in 1990s. It is widely used in backbone network and its price is getting lower and lower. The application of SDH technology in access network can bring the huge bandwidth advantage and technical advantage of core network into access network field, and make full use of SDH synchronous multiplexing and standardized light. Interfaces, powerful network management capabilities, flexible network topology capabilities and high reliability bring benefits, which benefit the construction and development of access networks in the long term.

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