Passive fiber access network integration

- Feb 13, 2017-

Network status and structure of optical access network segments

As its name implies, the access network is a network-level concept. It is located in the core telecommunications network (switched telephone network) end

Telecommunication network service access layer closest to the user. Optical fiber access network's network structure, based on the number of users, business

Factors such as species, subdivided into the main floor, wiring and fuses, line three layer structure.

At present, telecommunications "core network" portion of the fiber has been basically completed. Fiber construction to access network the backbone layer,

Wiring layer, layer-by-layer until the fuse line forward, ultimately realizing FTTH (fiber to the home) network of fiber-optic target.

In the access network construction in the past few years, with the main transmission SDH fiber-optic construction progressed rapidly. This way the main

If you concentrated on the main floor, in network flexibility, especially on economic issues, faced enormous problems.

For example, users and small remote villages how user access? Urban residential fiber

Building? No data center locations how to implement Group net branches, and so on, are wiring issues. This requires root

According to network wiring layer, according to local conditions, network planning and construction.

SDH to its standard, high capacity, online upgrades, and other features are widely used in the access network, is particularly suitable for

Dry layer of self-healing ring network construction. For wiring, the use of economic flexibility of passive optical access is the ideal solution for PON system

Summary method. Aggregating the advantages of active and passive systems, promoting the further extension of the optical fiber to the user, has become the fiber access network development the new trend.

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