PoE Switch Standard (Part 1)

- Sep 21, 2019-

How to distinguish non-standard PoE switches? It can be seen that although the attention of the PoE switch has increased, the understanding of the product still needs to be strengthened. Today, let's talk about the standard of PoE switch.

 PoE switch is a kind of switch that supports the power supply of network line. PoE switch not only has the transmission function of ordinary switch, but also can supply power to the equipment at the other end through the network line. For the whole network, using PoE switch can reduce wiring, lower system cost and higher reliability.




PoE power supply


IEEE802.3af standard is a new standard based on PoE of power supply system of ethernet. It was officially approved and issued by IEEE in 2003. On the basis of IEEE802.3, it adds relevant standards for direct power supply through network lines, which is an extension of existing Ethernet standards and the first international standard for power distribution. IEEE 802.3at is a more advanced POE standard, which was promulgated in 2009. The output power of 802.3at standard can reach 30W and the available power of receiving terminal is 25.5W. 802.3at standard is compatible with 802.3af standard.

As the advantages of PoE switch are gradually understood, the application of PoE switch in network monitoring system is becoming more and more popular. It is inevitable that there are mixed products in the market, and some PoE switches that do not meet the PoE power supply standards are beginning to appear.

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