PoE Switches Power Supply Range

- Mar 15, 2017-

With the continuous development of network surveillance camera technology, video surveillance transmission system updates, and now the star-level camera has gradually become the mainstream of the monitoring industry products, but also this year's Expo industry monitoring industry manufacturers exhibitors major highlights, but with the security industry High-definition, network, intelligent era of change, PoE switches, what is the hot technology? Some people may say that long-distance power supply, or PoE intelligent visual management. Because in the "Internet +" era, intelligent security, transformation and upgrading and other factors prevailing in the security industry stage, the various PoE switch manufacturers are racking their brains to hope and "Internet +" linked to the slightest slightest relationship, All came out. However, I believe that only the PoE products to do more reliable, stable, and is the real sense of the PoE switch technology hot spots.

OPTFOCUS TECHNOLOGY PoE switches take the path of pragmatism and win the trust of the PoE market with high stability and high reliability.

Why PoE switch long-distance power supply and intelligent PoE visual management is not a technical hotspot PoE switch. As we all know, PoE switch power supply distance is 100 meters, but now many PoE manufacturers introduced a long distance 250 meters power supply, or even 500 meters, in fact, this technology is not mature, because this technology does not provide ultra-high bandwidth, bandwidth compression by 100M into 10M, is not easy to monitor the image of high-definition transmission, likely to cause delay, it can not guarantee the monitoring image of high-definition, real-time, smooth requirements; and high requirements on the network cable, you must use more than 6 lines, The cost of the latter part of the maintenance, line, equipment aging, resulting in increased power consumption, more than PoE power supply, which led to the PoE switch instability, signal attenuation and so on. If you want to upgrade the power supply transmission distance to 250 meters or more, the most reliable way is the PoE switch using network extension mode, that is, the middle plus repeaters can be. Now the market is 500 meters long distance power supply is actually transmitted through the optical fiber to achieve.

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