Prospects of optical network technology trends

- Feb 13, 2017-

In the aftermath of the Internet bubble, Telecom Valley and winter after the baptism of optical communications, Internet, telecommunication network and optical network and restore the rational and stable growth. End of June 2007 has reached 162 million Internet users, second only to 211 million in the United States, ranked second in the world. Number of broadband Internet users in China reached 122 million. As of October 2007, number of telephone users in China reached 902 million, first place in the world. All of these user's business are realized through the most basic of optical transmission network transmission. Development of optical networks rely on market-driven, must also rely on technology development to support. Review development of optical network technology, we improve the capacity, intelligent, carrier-class Ethernet light transmission and fiber to the home of 2008 including the development trend of optical network technology analysis and prospect.

In 2006, China Telecom construction investment of 218.69 billion yuan, higher than 2005 7.5%; from the first 10 months of 2007 estimates, in 2007 China's telecommunications construction investment will increase from 2006 6%~7%, has created good conditions for the development of optical networks. By the end of September 2007, laying optical cables in China the total number has reached 5,441,045 km long, with fibre core-more than 100 million km, longer than the end of 2006 grew by 116 km (27%). These figures marked the steady growth of optical communication network construction in China.

Increasing capacity is a priority for development of optical networks

Optical communication is the most important feature is almost endless bandwidth resources. With the development of the information society, people's increasing demand for information services, just like the city no matter how to repair the road but never catch up with the growth is always a traffic jam of cars, never catch up with optical transmission network construction information business has increased demand, so Internet users total Internet access is too slow. According to China Telecom forecasts, within 5 years in the future, bandwidth will grow at a rate of 50% more than a year, by 2010, the trunk bandwidth traffic will reach more than 50Tbit/s, which 97% more data bandwidth. We know that widening the road and the road is equally important, improving existing and new optical transmission line capacity is a priority for future development of optical networks.

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