Roles of routers

- Aug 20, 2019-

Roles of routers

1. Information transmission: The main task of a router is to find an optimal transmission path for each data frame passing through the router and transmit the data to the destination site effectively.

First, network interconnection: Routers support a variety of LAN and WAN interfaces, mainly for interconnecting LAN and WAN, to achieve communication between different networks;


Second, data processing: providing functions including packet filtering, packet forwarding, priority, multiplexing, encryption, compression and firewall;

Thirdly, network management: routers provide functions including router configuration management, performance management, fault-tolerant management and traffic control.

2. Connecting different networks: From the perspective of filtering network traffic, the role of routers is very similar to that of switches and bridges. But unlike switches that work in the network data link layer and physically divide network segments, routers logically divide the whole network using special software protocols.

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