Several questions about POE power supply and UPS power supply

- Nov 22, 2017-

POE can also provide power while transmitting data, the network cable 1236 is the data, 4578 is used under the gigabit network, is also used for supplying power (45 is positive, 78 negative)


1, since POE can transmit data at the same time power supply, whether you can directly insert the router or switch WAN on the line, do not plug router or switch power?

2, the premise is not required to support routers or switches or monitoring terminal POE Caixing it?

3, if the router or switch or monitoring terminal supports POE, then it can be directly inserted into the terminal, right?

4, if the router or switch or monitoring terminal does not support POE, then we should use POE power splitter, right?

5, POE power splitter how to use, for example?

6, on the UPS is only power supply, when the mains power outage from the UPS battery will DC to AC to continue to power the device, and nothing else, POE output is DC, UPS output is AC, right?

7, if you want to plug into the computer, looks like the computer card does not support POE, it is not necessary to use POE splitter to plug the network cable into the computer ah?


1. If the network cable is a POE cable, the access device must support POE

2. Yes, if you do not support POE, you still need external power supply

3. If the terminal supports POE, connect the POE cable to get started

4. If it is international standard POE power supply, then the port will only power the equipment that needs power supply, will not damage the equipment which does not need POE power supply, or need to add POE separator

5. Connect the POE splitter to one end of the POE cable, then connect the power cord and network cable of the non-POE device to the POE splitter

6.UPS instantaneous power outage through the built-in battery inverter output AC power supply to the device, POE is DC, UPS output AC power and the same

7.Same with 4

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