Simple description of the role of OLT

- Jul 16, 2019-

Terminal equipment for connecting fibre-optic trunk lines.
The local device(OLT) in the EPON passive optical network system is a multi-service delivery platform that supports both IP services and traditional TDM services. Place on the edge of the Metropolitan network or community access network exit, converge the access service and transmit it to the IP network respectively.
EPON passive optical network system network is flexible, with multiple terminals at the business access point within a radius of 20 kilometers below the connection, forming the EPON system network. The system can support multiple business models, adapt to multiple work environments, and provide users with FTTx series solutions. In addition to providing business convergence functions, OLT is also a centralized network management platform. On OLT, device based network element management and business-based security management and configuration management can be implemented. Not only can it monitor and manage equipment and ports, but it can also perform business opening and user status monitoring, but it can also allocate bandwidth to different user QoS/SLA requirements.
Main function: Send Ethernet data to ONU(optical network distribution unit) by broadcast. Initiating and controlling the ranging process and recording the ranging information. Assign bandwidth to ONU; That is, control the start time and size of the sending window of the ONU.
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