The Difference Between An Industrial PoE Switch And An Ordinary Switch

- May 11, 2017-

Industrial PoE switch is to support the power supply of the switch, and ordinary switches compared to the receiving terminal (such as AP, digital camera, etc.) no longer need to power wiring, the whole network is more reliable. Industrial PoE switches in the application of network video surveillance, with our sustained and rapid economic development, security technology market has been fully developed. Various technologies used in security and technical facilities, to maintain social order and protect the safety of people's lives and property played an important role, which is the most widely used, the development of a longer time is the video surveillance system.

POE is also known as LAN-based power supply systems or active Ethernet, and sometimes referred to simply as Ethernet power supply, which is the latest standard specification for simultaneous transmission of data and electrical power using existing standard Ethernet transmission cables and maintains Ethernet system and user compatibility.

Which is better switch, you can through the user interface for each PoE port and the entire device power supply for easy management, and the price is very competitive!

POE switch and ordinary switch, then, industrial-grade PoE switch is in addition to providing ordinary switch with the transmission function, but also to the other end of the network equipment to provide power supply function. For example, there is a digital surveillance camera (need to power to work properly), no power supply, but through the network cable connected to the ordinary switch, in which case, the camera is not working. If the camera is not connected to the power supply, but his transmission cable connected to the POE switch, then this camera will be able to work properly.

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