The difference between SFP + and XFP

- Jul 10, 2019-

The difference between SFP + and XFP
1, SFP + and XFP are all 10G optical fiber modules and can communicate with other types of 10G modules;
2, SFP + is smaller than XFP appearance;
3, because of the smaller size, SFP + will signal modulation function, serial/decoder, MAC, clock and data recovery(CDR), and electronic dispersion compensation(EDC) function from the module to the motherboard card;
4, XFP compliance protocol: XFPMSA protocol;
5, SFP + compliance protocol: IEEE 802.3 AE, FF-8431, FF-8432;
6, SFP + is a more mainstream design;
7, SFP + protocol specification: IEEE 802.3 AE, FF-8431, FF-8432

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