The global market for Ethernet switches and routers grew steadily in the first quarter of 2019

- Jul 23, 2019-

According to the quarterly tracking reports of IDC Ethernet switches and routers, the revenue of the global Ethernet switch Market (Layer 2/3) in the first quarter of 2019 was $6.8 billion, an increase of 7.8% over the same period last year. Meanwhile, global business and service provider (SP) router market revenue increased 8.2% year-on-year to $3.6 billion.

Highlights in the Market of Ethernet Switches

Regionally, in the first quarter of 2019, the global market for Ethernet switches was strong. Asia-Pacific (excluding Japan) (APeJ) region grew 8.6% year-on-year, of which China grew 11.7% year-on-year. Japan's Ethernet switch market grew by 1.3%.

The Middle East and Africa (MEA) region grew by 9.5% year-on-year, of which Egypt grew by 17.3%; Europe grew by 3.5%, while Central and Eastern Europe remained stagnant, growing by 0.3% year-on-year. In Western Europe, Britain fell by 1.2%, Germany by 2.3%, Italy by 15.5%, Russia by 13.4%, America by 11.9%, Canada by 2.6%, Latin America by 4.5%, Brazil by 8.5% and Mexico by 11.0%.

Rohit Mehra, Vice President of IDC Network Infrastructure, said: "Business organizations around the world are seeking digital transformation to meet market and competitive needs while improving user experience. In this process, enterprises realize that networks play a key role in IT transformation plans, which enables them to make sustained and growing investments in Ethernet switches, routers, SDN and SD-WAN platforms and architectures that support a world that is always interconnected. Increasing demand."


Revenue of 100GB Ethernet switches continued to grow rapidly, and port shipments of 100GB switches increased 85.3% to 3.6 million year-on-year. In the first quarter of 2019, 100 GB revenue increased 59.0% to $1.2 billion, accounting for 17.3% of market revenue. 25GB port has also achieved remarkable growth, an increase of 133.3% to 304 million US dollars, and port shipments increased by 104.8% year on year. 40GB switches continued to decline, with revenue declining by 21.3% year-on-year. Low-speed campus switches are a mature part of the market, maintaining a moderate growth rate. Shipments of 10GB port increased by 8.6% year on year, accounting for 28.7% of market revenue. 1 GB switch port shipments increased by 2.9% year on year, accounting for 40.3% of total market revenue.

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