The role of fiber optic hot melt connectors

- Jun 06, 2018-

The role of fiber optic hot melt connector, fiber optic hot melt connector was one of the six basic technologies for the initial application of optical fiber communications. After nearly 20 years of research and development, it has become a theoretical perfection, application reliability and industrialization degree. High important fiber optic communication basic technology.

      Optical fiber connection technology can be divided into fixed connectors and movable connectors according to its foldability. When laying optical cables, it is necessary to connect 2 km or 3 km of optical cables in each section, usually by grafting to form a fixed connector for optical cables; and in optical fiber links, optical cables and equipment (such as optical transmitters and optical receivers). The connection of optical test instruments, etc., the internal connection of optical transceivers, the connection of optical fibers to other light source devices, and the connection of optical distribution frames require the use of movable connectors. It is an indispensable optical passive component that makes up the optical fiber communication system and measurement system.

      Active connectors are also known as pigtails and are also known as jumpers in foreign countries. The movable connector consists of two key components: pin body and sleeve. The center of the pin body has a 125-126 micron hole that can penetrate into the fiber. After the fiber penetrates the hole, it is sealed with glue, and the end surface is polished and polished. Such two pin bodies are inserted into the sleeve at the same time, and the optical fiber is Connected. The main component of the sleeve is also called the adapter or flange. It must ensure that the two butt-jointed pins are precisely concentric, and the pin holes that pass through the fiber have high dimensional accuracy and concentricity. Can effectively guarantee the fiber optic connection is good. With the development of optical brazing technology, this type of product has also been correspondingly developed, with various types and superior performance, and people will use them like wire plugs.

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