What does AP isolation mean in wireless routers

- Aug 23, 2019-

What does AP isolation mean in wireless routers

To talk about AP isolation, let's first explain what AP is. AP is the abbreviation of access point, which is used to connect wireless clients in wireless networks. It acts as a switch in ethernet. The biggest difference between AP isolation and wireless router is that there is no NAT (Network Address Translation) function. What's the difference between wireless AP and wireless router?

In terms of appearance, wireless AP and wireless router are really like brothers. They have the same shape and antennas. In addition to reading the instructions, they can only be seen through the login management interface. However, wireless AP does not look like home wireless routing except for the need for a configurable Ethernet port. Like many Ethernet ports, it is the most obvious sign to distinguish between wireless AP and wireless router. Here are the characteristics and differences of these two devices.

In terms of function, wireless routers have one more NAT address conversion function than wireless AP working in the point-to-multipoint mode, and now the common wireless routers in the market generally support WDS technology, which can connect multiple wireless routers together and play a role in covering a wider range of wireless networks. White, this wireless router is not only the full function of AP in point-to-point mode and point-to-multipoint mode, but also can carry out address translation (NAT). It is with NAT function that the intranet address (such as can be converted into a network address, so as to realize the sharing of INTERNET connections among multiple hosts in the intranet.


Summary: The function of AP isolation is equivalent to that of VLAN in ethernet. If an Ethernet switch is equipped with multiple VLANs, the hosts in different VLANs can not access each other under normal circumstances. In order to access each other, we need to use routing table (the switch is a three-tier switch). Okay, AP is a bit far away. In a word, isolation means isolating different wireless clients and not exchanging data. It is usually used in environments with high data security requirements. For example, in an enterprise, if customers visit and want to access the Internet, AP isolation can be used to protect data security within the enterprise.

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