What is the difference between a POE switch and a POE power supply module?

- Oct 21, 2017-

In the past, there are two main ways to supply equipment, namely centralized power supply and distributed power supply. Centralized power supply is all from the same place, distributed power supply is each itself in the vicinity of the installation location to obtain power. From the point of view of anti-interference effect, centralized power supply can eliminate the influence of different reference potentials, the overall power outage risk of distributed power supply is dispersed, but there are disadvantages of management inconvenience, maintenance is not easy and high cost. In order to circumvent the shortcomings of these two power supply methods, Poe introduced the power supply.

Poe Power refers to the existing Ethernet cabling infrastructure without making any changes, with the help of a standard network cable to transmit the data at the same time to supply power, thus ensuring that the cable in the Ethernet terminal equipment such as IP telephony, wireless LAN access point AP, Secure network cameras and other ip-based terminals transmit data signals while providing DC power for such devices.

poe power supply.png

Simply said, Poe Power Supply is a network cable transmission power and data, a dual-use, very convenient and fast.

Advantages of Poe Power supply

⑴ Because each device requires only one set of wires, the wiring of each device is simpler and cheaper;

⑵ Eliminates AP sockets and adapters, making the work environment safer, cleaner and less costly;

⑶ Integrates seamlessly with standard Ethernet and Fast Ethernet standard architectures;

(4) Uninterruptible power supply to ensure that the access to the AP supply equipment to continue to power supply;

(5) The equipment moves conveniently, may move to any local area network line the place-the movement has the least influence to the work place;

(6) Remote monitoring of devices connected to Ethernet.

POE's commonly used power supply equipment has Poe switch and Poe power supply module, although they can be the other end of the network equipment power supply, but there is a big difference, the following figure.

poe power supply-switch.png

The POE switch can work independently and can transmit both data and power signals, and can be powered by a connection to a device that requires power. The Poe power supply module only has the function of the power supply, but does not transmit the data the function, therefore needs to use with the switch, this is their essential difference.

poe power supply module.png

The POE power supply module is relatively simple, the price is much lower than the Poe switch, but from the whole network, the POE switch is more convenient.

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