What's EPON?

- Jul 03, 2019-

EPON is the IEEE standard. EPON uses point-to-point structure, passive fiber transmission, and provides a variety of services on the Ethernet. At present, IP/Ethernet applications account for more than 95 % of the entire LAN communication. EPON is the most effective communication method for connecting to the end user of the network because of the above-mentioned economical and efficient structure. The emergence of the 10 Gbps Ethernet backbone and the urban ring will also make EPON the best last kilometer solution in the future All-Light Network.
In an EPON, no complex protocol is required, light signals can be accurately transmitted to the end user, and data from the end user can also be centrally transmitted to the central network. In the physical layer, EPON uses the Ethernet PHY of 1000BASE, and at the same time on the transport mechanism of PON, New MAC control commands are used to control and optimize sudden data communication and real-time TDM communication between optical network units(ONU) and optical line terminals(OLT). In the second layer of the protocol, EPON uses mature full-duplex Ethernet technology. Using TDM, since ONU sends datagrams within its own time slot, there is no collision and CDMA/CD is not required to make full use of bandwidth. In addition, EPON provides QoS similar to APON/GPON by implementing 802.1 P in the MAC layer.


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