What's the difference between Gigabit Switch and Fast Ethernet Switch?

- Sep 27, 2019-

In addition to the differences in transmission rates and port types mentioned above, there are also differences between Gigabit Switches and Fast Ethernet Switches in the following five aspects:

1. The application scenarios of the two are different.

In general, Fast Ethernet switches are suitable for household use, and Gigabit switches are used in small and medium-sized enterprise networks.


2. Their functions are different.

Generally speaking, Gigabit switches have network management functions, and network deployment is more flexible. They allow network administrators to provide security and quality of service (QOS) control strategies for specific applications. They have higher security. Fast Ethernet switches do not carry these advanced functions themselves.

3. The two power standards are different.

In the previous PoE standard, PoE technology can provide 12.94W power for wireless access points or other IP devices, but this can no longer meet the power requirements of today's new devices. At present, the latest Gigabit Switches support the enhanced version of the POE + standard, with a maximum power of up to 30W, while the Fast Ethernet Switches do not use the latest power standards, so in terms of power, Gigabit Switches are higher than Fast Ethernet Switches.

4. The power consumption of the two is different

Compared with fast Ethernet switch, Gigabit switch not only can provide higher bandwidth and powerful management function, but also has the function of energy saving. Its power consumption is low. Enterprises can reduce power consumption through Gigabit switch when deploying network.

5. The cost of the two is different

According to IDC data, the price of Gigabit switches is four times higher than that of Fast Ethernet switches. There is a big price difference between the two, which will be an important factor affecting the decision-making of network engineering.

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