Which ONU equipment is better for monitoring system

- Aug 22, 2019-

Which ONU equipment is better for monitoring system

Nowadays, in social cities, surveillance cameras are installed in almost every corner. We can see various surveillance cameras in many residential buildings, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels and other places to prevent the occurrence of illegal activities.

With the steady development of economy and science and technology, people's awareness of security monitoring is constantly improving, requiring any place to have security monitoring. However, due to the complexity of urban development, the traditional access monitoring system can not fully meet the requirements, and the PON network access monitoring system is gradually popular.

As an important access device in PON system, the choice of ONU is very important. So which ONU is better, how to choose?

ONU is the client equipment of PON application and the necessary high bandwidth and cost-effective terminal equipment for the transition from "Copper Cable Age" to "Optical Fiber Age". It plays an important role in network construction.

ONU is an optical network unit, which uses a single optical fiber to connect to OLT, providing data, voice, video and other services. It is responsible for receiving data sent by OLT, responding to commands sent by OLT, caching data and sending it to OLT. It requires high sensitivity and is easy to use.

ONU can be divided into ordinary ONU and ONU with PoE. The former is the most common ONU device and the most commonly used ONU. The latter has the function of PoE, that is, it has several PoE interfaces, through which the monitoring cameras can work properly and get rid of the complex power wiring.

In addition to POE ports, PON is absolutely indispensable for ONU with PoE. Through this PON, OLT can be connected to form a PON network as a whole.

At present, this kind of ONU with PoE is favored by supervisory engineers, such as SUSHAN VIDA's ONU price is high, but it solves many unnecessary cumbersome problems. So if PON network is used in monitoring project, ONU with PoE function can be selected.

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