XFP Optical Module Overview

- Jul 09, 2019-

The XFP rate is 10G and is a standardized package of serial optical transceiver modules. It fully meets the following standards: 10G fiber optic channel, 10G Ethernet, SONET/OC -192 and SDH/STM -64.
The XFP optical module is mainly used for optical fiber transmission of data communication and telecommunications transmission networks.
The XFP module is a hot plug, serial-serial optical transceiver that occupies a small area of a circuit board and can support SONET OC-192, 10 Gbps Ethernet, 10 Gbps fiber channels, and G. 709 links.
XFP is a standardized package of serial 10G optical transceiver modules. It is independent of the protocol and fully meets the following standards: 10G Ethernet, 10G fiber optic channel, SONET/OC -192 and SDH/STM -64.
The XFP-optical transceiver module is used for optical fiber connections to data communication and telecommunications transmission networks and has the advantage of having smaller pins than other 10G optical repeaters(such as XENPAK, X2). The motherboard's electrical interface is a standardized 10G serial interface called XFI.
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