Serial Server TCP/IP Protocol to RS485 Web Smart Management Converter

Serial Server TCP/IP Protocol to RS485 Web Smart Management Converter

Write any characters on telnet window side,then the PC will send what you have wrote to the equipment via network

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Product Details

1.1 Features

OFS-202M Series Embedded type TCP/IP Protocol Serial Sever is a Bi-direction Transmission Equipment for the RS232 Serial port to Ethernet TCP/IP Protocol.

Realize the fast network connection of serial devices by Changing the traditional serial communication into network communication. Converter uses transparent transmission mode, the user need not know the intricacies of the TCP / IP protocol, the program can be achieved without changing the original serial devices network connection, saving you valuable time and existing investments. The extremely low price can help you promote your products core competiveness, the flexible configuration and highly reliability can meet all your strict requirements, so it will be your ideal choice.

1.2 Technical Specifications

●Connector:10/100Base-T, 485(DB9 Female/3pin)

●Protocol:TCP/UDP/IP/ICMP, Ethernet, ARP

●Serial Port:300bps – 115200bps

1.3 Front Panel Introduce


Status:Status indicating light,when the system works normally, the light will show interval flashing, when there are stable connection between the Client and the devices via TCP protocol,the light will bright all the time; when the connection fail, the light goes twinkle.

Link/act:light off if no connection in Ethernet port, be bright when connected, twinkle when data transfer.

100:light off when the Ethernet port disconnected or connected to the 10Mbps, when connected to the 100Mbps, the light will be always bright.

WEB Management

2.1 Description 

The Serial Server OFS-202M(TCP/IP Protocol to 485),take the WEB to achieve management, user can login the device by using WEB Browser, the intuitive management interface will let you feel that using this serial server is an easy work.

2.2 WEB Connection of the Management 

2.2.1 Preparations

First of all, you must make sure that the computer have already set up the WEB Browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Abbr: IE, usually WINDOWS system computer will possess this Browser. ) Since that the different browsers have its own analysis to the website code, to make sure all the configuration operations are correct, Microsoft IE Browser was suggested, and you need to ensure it’s version is over 5.0, version 6.0 or over 6.0 will be best. And for a ideal browsing effect, you can set the display resolution into 1024*768 or higher one.

2.2.2  Connection

When the TCP/IP protocol to 485 equipments was power, and after the serial server system work normally, the Status light of TCP/IP protocol to 485  equipments will show interval flashing

Using the cable to connect the computer Network port and the RJ45 interface of the TCP/IP Protocol transfer into the 485 equipment. If connect successfully, the Link and Act light on the products will be always bright 

TCP / IP protocol to 485 device's default IP address is (factory default configuration), IP address configuration management computer is 

Topology shown below TCP/IP :


Click the “Window” and choose the “Run”, when the,  when there black shows up, you need to enter the order: ping and the press the “Enter”,  if it draw back to “Reply from bytes=32 time=2ms TTL=128”the connect is correct, but if it says “Request timed out“, then the connect fail, you need to check about all the connection of the TCP/IP to 485 and computer, also the computer IP configurations.

2.2.3  Login on

Start your IE Browser, write down this address, and enter you will see this following: 

Enter the default user name:admin   Code:system  press “Enter” then you will see this below:

Click the Administrator,will show you these as picture

2.2.4  System IP Configurations 

Click the System IP Configuration, then you can see as the picture below: 

In here you can change the more specifications of the IP address, Subnet mask, default gateway, etc. 

Change IP:

If you need to change the IP , Please change as these following steps. Example as below IP

Enter the Management interface of as below:

Change the IP,and then click “Enable”,  and change VLAN ID into 0001,next step click the“Disable”,finally click“Update”

Click“ok” if everything were set , finish changing your IP.

2.2.5  TCP Protocol Configurations

Click the TPC Mode, then you can open the TCP Mode website,picture as below:

all the settings in this site can be set as default;

Telnet Server/Client:when the configurations are at Server or Client mode

Data Port Number:when the equipment at TCP Protocol under Server mode

2.2.6  Serial Port Parameter Configuration

Click the UART and then open the interface of the UART Control configuration , as the picture shows below:

Mode:This device can only support RS485,please do not change it.

Baud rate:Set the baud rate, please modify the configuration according to the actual situation, the mode is 9600

Character Bits:Configuring a character bits from the frame data, this option can set as default

Parity Type: can be configured according to the actual situation, the mode is None: No parity

Odd:Odd type

Even:Even type


Stop Bit:mostly can be set as default

Hardware Flow Control:mostly not use it, set as default

3.1  Communications Test


Testing Steps:

1.Get the two set of devices ready, a Switch and a host computer, several cables, one 485 line, connect the devices as the picture shown.

2.Set the IP of host computer,  the device 1 and device 2 according to the picture up there, please refer to【2.24 System IP Configurations】

3.Run the different demands on the Host computer side, shown as the picture:图片31.jpg

4.Set the order of telnet and telnet differently(that’s to say connect the two devices with different telnet),see pictures below:

5.Write any characters on telnet window side,then the PC will send what you have wrote to the equipment via network,after the equipment received the message from PC end, it will change it into 485 signal and deliver it to the equipment,  later the equipment got the message from equipment through 485 main line, then deliver what it got to the host by network, finally the host received the message from,  the message will be exported in the telnet window of the  In contrast it is the same! In short, the characters in the window, enter telnet will be printed in this window telnet Instead, characters in the input telnet window will be printed in this window telnet out; shown as pictures below: 

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