Advantages Of PON

- Aug 16, 2019-

1. It can provide transparent broadband and low-cost transmission capability.

2. Compared with active optical network, its installation, opening and maintenance cost is low, and the system is more reliable and stable. Therefore, PON system is widely used in access network.

3. PON uses point-to-multipoint access mode, so the cost of laying optical fibers between Central Bureau and users is shared by users, which can improve the return of network construction investment. Compared with the method of configuring end-to-end optical fibers for each user, PON devices that improve business for the same number of customers are smaller in size and occupy less space in the central office.


4. PON supports both traditional services (POTS, analog TV) and broadband services (IP voice transmission, IPTV, broadband Internet access, etc.).

5. PON supports all residential users (using POTS, analog TV and data services) and many commercial users (using T1/E1 and Ethernet services) to share an access network (including physical and protocol layers) without using different access networks to provide services for them, thus reducing the number of decentralized access networks.

With the progress of network technology and the popularization of broadband services, optical fiber access is becoming more and more popular, and the resources of pipelines and optical cables can not be expanded indefinitely. The use of PON technology saves a lot of optical cable resources and effectively solves this problem. ETU-LINK optical module manufacturer can provide EPON optical module and GPON optical module for optical access network. With the continuous improvement of PON technology, the cost of optical devices is decreasing, and the technical advantages will become more and more obvious.

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