Application Of Industrial Ethernet Switch In Power System

- Sep 28, 2017-

Application of Industrial Ethernet Switch in Power System
With the development of substation automation technology and modern network communication technology, with the development of substation secondary equipment and system, equipment integration, information integration has become an inevitable trend, the urgent need for a unified information platform to achieve the entire automation system.
There are at least two of the most important aspects of the role, one is to require industrial Ethernet switches to support fast forwarding and QoS quality of service to ensure that the IEC61850 standard important GSE / GOOSE data packets are transmitted in real time and can support multicast communication Manage IGMPsnooping. Second, industrial Ethernet switches must be able to support the construction of redundant network topology such as ring network architecture to improve the reliability of the topology, and at the same time to provide a very short network failure recovery time. In addition, including technical requirements such as VLAN, priority and rapid spanning tree testing requirements.
In the electromagnetic compatibility design, the industrial Ethernet switch to be able to include electric shock, lightning and other electromagnetic interference test; in the wide temperature environment requirements, the switch equipment must be -40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃ extreme temperature environment can work; Mechanical structure requirements, the switch equipment through a professional third-party vibration and impact tolerance test.
Network Features:
1, the composition of a fast redundant ring network, this structure not only reduces the risk of concentration, but also reduces the cost of implementation, through a unique FAR-ring protocol to control its redundancy time is less than 300ms.
2, reliable electromagnetic compatibility design, can work in the harsh electromagnetic environment, and in the data port lightning protection, fast pulse group, static and so have a higher degree of protection.
3, good temperature characteristics, the working environment temperature range is -35 ℃ ~ +75 ℃; working humidity range of 5% to 95% (no condensation).
4, dual power backup design, DC power supply mode, effectively improve the system's safety and reliability.
5, closed design to meet the dust needs, fold structure cooling, with good dust and heat dissipation; rail type, rack design, support industrial installation.
6, with a strong network management functions, such as: VLAN division, IP address settings, priority control, power management and port status monitoring, flow control.

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