Characteristics Of Industrial Ethernet Technology

- Feb 13, 2017-

Industrial Ethernet technology with low cost, reliable, high speed, rich hardware and software products and is widely used and supported technology advantages, have become one of the most popular forms of communication networks. In recent years, with the development of networks, Ethernet has entered the control area, forming a new Ethernet control network technology. This is mainly due to industrial automation systems to the distribution of development, intelligent control, open and transparent communication protocol is an inevitable requirement. Ethernet technology into the field of industrial control and its technical advantage is obvious:

(A) Ethernet is open, all-digital network, follow the network Internet Protocol devices of different manufacturers can be easily achieved.

(B) Ethernet to achieve seamless connectivity of industrial control network and information network, enterprise-level management and control integration of open networks.

(C) hardware and software cost is low, due to Ethernet technology is very mature, highly valued by manufacturers of hardware and software that supports Ethernet and widely supported, there are many kinds of software development environments and hardware devices for users to choose.

(D) high speed, with the expansion of enterprise information system and complexity increase, the demand for information is growing, and sometimes even require transmission of audio, video, data, current Ethernet traffic rate 10M, 100M fast Ethernet started widely, Gigabit Ethernet technology has matured, 10G Ethernet is also being studied, the rate much faster than the fieldbus.

(V) sustainable development potential, in this time of change, enterprise's survival and development will depend to a large extent, in a quick and efficient communication networks, will be more rapid development of information and communication technology and more mature and thus ensure the Ethernet technology continues to move forward.

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