Characteristics Of Optical Fiber Transceiver

- Sep 18, 2019-

Characteristics of Optical Fiber Transceiver

1. Provide data transmission with ultra-low latency.

2. Completely transparent to network protocols.

3. Using special ASIC chip to realize data line speed forwarding. Programmable ASIC has the advantages of simple design, high reliability and low power consumption. It can make the equipment get higher performance and lower cost.

4. The rack-type equipment can provide hot-plug function for easy maintenance and uninterrupted upgrade.

5. Network management equipment can provide network diagnosis, upgrade, status report, abnormal situation report and control functions, and can provide complete operation log and alarm log.

6. The equipment mostly adopts 1+1 power supply design, which supports ultra-wide power supply voltage and realizes power protection and automatic switching.

7. Supports ultra wide operating temperature range.

8. Supporting complete transmission distance (0-120 km).


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