Choose An Industry-level Switch That Suits You

- Jul 16, 2019-

What industrial Ethernet switches are best suited to current applications in factories? This is indeed a troubling thing because of the need to consider many factors, such as the work environment, whether or not redundancy is required, network management and non-network management, future maintenance and extensibility, and so on. Industrial level switch manufacturers are emerging in the market, and the products of different industrial level switch manufacturers are also different. If users need to select an industrial level switch suitable for themselves, they must pay attention to the problem.
1, because the influence of high temperature on industrial level switches is fatal, in the design of this type of product, in addition to the device's components to choose a wide temperature range of industrial level components, we must pay full attention to the thermal design of the equipment. Industrial-grade switches should use high-speed(HighSPD) fans with intelligent monitoring circuits to monitor and control the operation of network switches in real time, such as monitoring the temperature of the box fan, the temperature of the main exchange chip, the temperature of the box, and the temperature of the optical transceiver device. This is what we call a "smart fan."
2, real-time, in the industrial control system, real-time can be defined as the system's response to an event between the testable. In other words, after an event occurs, the system must respond within a precisely foreseeable time frame. However, the real-time requirements for data transmission in the industry are very strict, and data updates are often completed within dozens of MS. Also due to the CSMA/CD mechanism existing in Ethernet, when there is a conflict, the data must be reissued, and up to 16 attempts can be made. It is clear that this mechanism for conflict resolution comes at the expense of time. And once the line falls, it is only a few seconds, it may cause the entire production to stop or even equipment, personal safety accidents.


3, reliability, because Ethernet at the beginning of the design, is not from the industrial network application. When it is applied to the industrial site, faced with bad working conditions, serious interline interference, etc., these will inevitably cause its reliability to be reduced. In the production environment, the industrial network must have good reliability, recoverability and maintainability. That is, if any component in a network system fails, it will not cause the crash and collapse of applications, operating systems, or even network systems.
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