Communications Terminology And Communication Standards

- Feb 13, 2017-

1.10BASE-T (RJ-45): Ethernet standards for star topology, each device on the Internet using unshielded twisted pair (VIP) received on a central hub, it still uses the IEEE802.3 Ethernet standards.

2.IEEE standards:

A. IEEE802. Standard ID: this is the LAN/MAN standard, ratified in 1992, it became ISO/IEC15802-2 with the 802.11K.

B. IEEE802.3 standard: conflict detection is set for the Ethernet storage carrier multiple access (CSMA/CD) access control standards, as a basis for ISO/IEC8802-3 the standard since then.

C. IEEE802.11 standard developed by the IEEE for wireless LAN MAC (media access control) layer and physical layer specification standard. the current proposals for 2.4GHZ band.

3. Agreement:

A. BOOTP (Bootstrap Protocol): Bootstrap Protocol (Bootstrap Protocol). A protocol for configuration through the Inter-net system.

B. MAC (media access control): Mac (Media Access Control). A management station to the network access method Protocol.

C. MIB (management information base): MIB (Management Information Base). A number of series of objects that library, objects that represent different types of information about a device. It is used to manage device by SNMP.

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