Contrast Selection Of PoE Switches

- Jul 19, 2019-

With the development of economy and the acceleration of urban construction, people's living standards are constantly improving, and all aspects of understanding are constantly improving. In this era of rapid development, all walks of life will also have many shortcomings. For example, security problems in various regions of the world come one after another, and public security problems have extended to various fields of society, such as production, life, environment, technology, information and so on.

POE switches provide power to standard POE terminals via network cables, eliminating additional power wiring. POE technology can ensure the security of existing structured wiring while ensuring the normal operation of existing networks, and minimize costs. When the POE switch starts to work, the POE switch outputs a very small voltage at the port until it detects that the cable terminal is connected to a receiving terminal device PD that supports the IEEE802.3af standard (a new standard for POE based on Ethernet power supply system). Later, POE switches may classify the PD devices and evaluate the power loss required by the PD devices. Then, POE switches start to supply power to PD devices from low voltage to 48V DC power supply.


There are many types of PoE switches, with 4, 8, 16, 24 terminals, 100 Mbp and Gigabit terminal 0 transmission rates, 60 W, 150 W, 250W, 400 W power supply power, which terminal 0 and terminal 0 transmission rates need to be selected correctly.

When choosing POE switch, we should not only consider power supply, protection configuration and chip, but also test the performance and working temperature of POE switch. The more comprehensive consideration, we can buy POE equipment with higher quality. SHENZHEN OPTFOCUS TECHNOLOGY CO., Ltd. has been quietly investing a lot of money in research and development of its core products for more than ten years, focusing on quality first, reputation first, products must be stable and reliable. Recently, a series of POE switches which shocked the industry and subverted the traditional concept of switches have been launched.

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