Difference Between Router Transmission Rate 300m And 450m

- Aug 26, 2019-

150M and 300M or 450M on router are router transmission speed 150M and 300M or 450M. Router M is short for Mbps. Bit rate is a unit used to describe the speed of data transmission. The larger the bit rate, the faster the data flow. In theory, the transmission speed of 150Mbps is 18.75MB/S per second. The network speed of 300 Mbps is 37.5 MB/S per second. The network speed of 300 Mbps is 37.5 MB/S per second. 450M router, supporting 450Mbps = 56.25MB/s.

Note: The data flow rate is variable, and the bit rate is only an average reference value. The network speed of 1M is 128KB/S in theory, but in fact it is less than 120, because the data will be lost in the transmission process. In addition, this bit rate is the same as that of MP3 or video, only in different orders of magnitude. The bit rate of common MP3 files is about 320 kbps.

To break Mbps apart is to say that M is an order of magnitude, or omen. Mega stands for millions. In mathematics, one Mega stands for millions. But in the field of computers, M stands for 1024X1024.

B is the abbreviation of bit, that is, bit. This is different from B in MB, which we often say. MB is the meaning of megabytes. It is used to describe a unit of file size. An English letter is 1 byte and a Chinese character is 2 bytes.


P is per, i.e. "every". Therefore, the translation of Mbps into Chinese is megabits per second. / This symbol is equivalent to P.

Mbps (bit rate) can be converted into a common MB/S by dividing the former by 8.

M is the same, 8 B (bit, bit) = 1 B (byte), P and / are the same. S means second.

150 Mbps_8 = 18.75 MB/S, 300 Mbps_8 = 37.5 MB/S, 450 Mbps_8 = 56.25 MB/S. That's how it was calculated.

That is to say, the 150 M marked by router means that the router can only support up to 150 M bandwidth. Even if the network speed is 200 M, the same is true for the 450M router.

Generally speaking, our home routers can already meet the actual demand by purchasing 150M or 300M. At present, most of them use 100M optical brazing all over the country, and the theoretical download peak is about 10m/s.

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